We are dedicated to the industry’s important and complex effort to decarbonizing shipping and make it an even more sustainable way of transportation.

Our commitment extends beyond financial considerations and encompasses environmental responsibility. We aim to contribute to the collective effort towards a greener and more sustainable shipping industry.



We are dedicated to have an engaging, safe and inclusive work environment where we focus on decent working conditions for all our employees.

We believe that providing good working conditions, whilst upholding labor and human rights standards, serves as a cornerstone for successfully attracting, developing and retaining employees over the long term.



Maintaining strong corporate governance is a top priority for us as we recognize its vital role in securing a sustainable future for our company. We have implemented guidelines to prevent corruption and to promote transparency and reliability.

We are fully committed to conducting our operations with integrity, ensuring fair and ethical practices throughout our organization and business transactions.


Norwegian Transparency Act

Spar Shipping AS, as a large enterprise based in Norway, falls within the purview of the Norwegian Transparency Act. This legislation aims to make sure enterprises uphold fundamental human rights and maintain decent working conditions in their production of goods and provision of services.

Furthermore, the Transparency Act ensures that the public has access to information about how the company address any adverse impacts on human rights and decent working conditions.