Servicing the dry bulk trade worldwide on a 24/7 basis all year around

The Company

Spar Shipping is a long term tonnage provider, servicing the dry bulk trade worldwide on a 24/7 basis all year around. Focus being on commitment to the industry and our long term partners within shipping.

Emphasis being on value added service to customers, providing predictable and reliable operation of vessels throughout the seasons and areas of trade. We strive for the highest standards in relation to customers, regulatory bodies and environment. To seek and gain a competitive edge by being focused ,exploring new technologies and directing resources into the end product appropriately. Thereby avoiding waste, being cost efficient and in line with modern resource utilisation.

Roots back to 1962

The privately owned company, Spar Shipping AS traces its roots back to 1962 when Mr. Helge Eide Knudsen founded his successful textile business “Spar Kjøp AS» which today has a number of retail outlets in addition to an extensive mail order operation catering to the Norwegian market.

Profits generated from the initial business were subsequently diversified into real estate investments, stock holding and shipping. In continuation of this strategy Spar Shipping AS was established as a separate entity in 1990; holding passive shares in a number of limited partnerships dealing with shipping investments.